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13. August 2014


Within today, I’ve had three friends come to me, to let me know that Lifetime is making a Brittany Murphy biopic. One of them asked me about my thoughts on this. 

First off, I wanted to say that I’m a bit iffy about this. I’ve done a little, teeny-tiny bit of research on this, to see that a girl named Amanda Fuller is portraying Brittany. At first, this name struck me as unfamiliar, but I checked her IMDb and it looks like she’s been in 7th Heaven, so I may have seen her act once, but did not remember it. As far as appearance goes, Amanda looks absolutely nothing like Brittany. Period. Like I don’t think faces, body shapes, or anything about the two equal out in any way.

When I first heard about this, I was conflicted. I was so excited that something like this was finally happening, that Brittany was finally getting some positive (fingers crossed) attention that she has so rightfully deserved over the years. But I also-I shamelessly admit- felt quite guilty and envious over the girl they got to play Brittany, because there was a long point in my life when I wanted to be an actress (since I was 6 to be exact- and I swore I was going to become a successful actress and work with Britt when I grew up, but that’s veering off from the point) but other than this, I really was quite hopeful and excited about this. 

Of course, as the day progressed, I came to learn that Britt’s father, Angelo did not approve much of this. It turns out that producers did not let him in on this, and he basically had no say in any of it. It was said that producers went behind his back, and in a way, that made me really, really angry and put a bit of a damper on my good thoughts about this project. I feel like things could have gone a bit better, had they talked to Angelo about this, and gotten his opinion, and maybe even possibly seen if I had any inside facts or information regarding Britt (of course, that he would feel okay with sharing), but none of that really happened. 

For those who don’t know about Britt’s parents, Angelo Bertolotti is her father, and Sharon Murphy is her mother. She had basically spent most of her life with Sharon, and after she and her husband, Simon died, Sharon completely fell off the face of this earth, and has been unheard from since Sharon’s last year “LET’S SELL ALL OF BRITTANY’S PERSONAL BELONGINGS TO LINE MY POCKETS” stint. Before that, nothing from her since 2009/10. But within most-to-this whole time, (I follow Angelo on twitter so I, along with anybody else who follows him, can validate this) Angelo has fought to seek justice for Britt, since tabloids and the media have kinda spent the past five years crapping on her, and making her out to be this “crackhead” and “drug addict”, which Angelo has been fighting to prove these rumors false.So personally, I side with Angelo and his beliefs on anything Brittany related. Granted, he may not have been there her whole life, but it wasn’t Angelo she was with when she was dying, in fact, if it were, she’d possibly still be alive to this very day. All along, I feel like Ang has been the parent who actually cares, as compared to Sharon. I’m sure Sharon cares, but I’ve always felt that there was something very, very off about Sharon. 

Okay, enough babbling, Clara. Anywho, hopefully you’re starting to get my point on this. It doesn’t bring me much consolation that Angelo doesn’t approve of this, and I completely understand why he probably does not. I also understand that the producers of this project probably felt like they had nothing to prove to Angelo, and felt that this decision was solely for fan-purposes only. 

As for Amanda Fuller, I will reiterate, that she looks absolutely nothing like Brittany, but maybe she will pleasantly surprise all of us. Lifetime has been doing some amazing things lately. If they can come up with stuff like Killing Daddy and Lizzie Borden Took An Ax, then maybe they can do amazing things with this new project. I have high hopes, just because it’s Lifetime. I also have my worries and doubts that it won’t be as amazing as I’m hoping for it to be. 

These past five years, I’ve watched horrible thing upon horrible thing be said about Britt in the tabloids, about stuff that isn’t even true, and can be proved false if people just take time to learn the facts. It hurts enough up to this day, that someone I’ve spent more than half of my life looking up to is no longer here and passed away so suddenly without warning or closure, but it hurts even more that even in death when she can’t be here to stick up for herself, she can get disrespected so badly. So, I guess my highest hope for this project, not only that Fuller’s performance is spot-on, but that this entire production finally does her justice, tells the truth, and puts an end to all of this disrespect once and for all. 

Anybody else have any thoughts about this? Agree with me? Disagree with me? Feel free to reply to this post, or come message me on this blog which is my personal blog, or my sub-blog dedicated to Brittany. Other than that, thanks for taking time to read this and hear my opinion! :)

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"Raise your voices, brothers! Give praise to the great ‘Guin, who put songs in our hearts!"

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Everybody is finding this “Brittany Murphy autopsy” video and I actually have no idea what anybody is talking about, like I found one 14-minute video today which stopped at about 4 minutes in, and wouldn’t play anymore. Is this the same autopsy video that everybody else is talking about, or is there another? Omfg please help???

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