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Okay, okay, so there are many blogs out there dedicated to keeping Brittany's legacy alive, but one more doesn't hurt, right?
Much like those blogs, this one is to celebrate the life of Brittany Anne Murphy: an actress, a singer, a performer, a daughter, a sister, an eternal angel, and just an amazing human being all around.

My personal blog, in case anyone was wondering.


Saturday Night Live - The Leatherman

Tchu Tchu!

(Remembering Brittany Murphy)

One Tin Soldier- Luanne Platter (Brittany Murphy)

(Source: Spotify)


Seriously, is this Brittany Murphy biopic on Lifetime even worth watching? I’m quite curious about it but it looks like a trainwreck, and in my honest opinion, borderline offensive to her loved ones, fans, and to Brittany herself. Is it really worth it?

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Happy 1st Birthday to Miss-Murphys-Law! 

I’d like to thank everyone so, so much for following and enjoying this blog over the year, and I hope to get lots more in years to follow! :)


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